ACLS Study Resources:
redstar Identifying EKG rhythms and associated interventions is an integral part of ACLS. A great website to practice EKG rhythms is at SkillStat: You can use the “Learn” mode when starting out, then go to the “Game” mode to see what you’ve learned! Focus on V-fib, V-tach, Pulseless V-tach, Tachycardia, SVT, Bradycardia, PEA, Asystole, 1st degree heart block, 2nd degree Type I and II, & 3rd degree heart block. Many students have difficulty with distinguishing the heart blocks from one another. How to tell them apart will be discussed in class but here is a review video that many students have found helpful:

redstarA helpful website to practice Mega-Code scenarios:

redstar Quantitative Waveform Capnography is the continuous, noninvasive measurement and graphical display of end-tidal carbon dioxide/ETCO2 (also called PETCO2). Capnography uses a sample chamber/sensor placed for optimum evaluation of expired CO2. Here is a video to help you understand how it works: